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Custom Solvent Blending Using the Hansen Solubility Parameters

I wanted to restore an old metal table that has been sitting outside for more than 30 years. The top is discolored and rusty.  This is a perfect chance to teach the principles of solvent blending using the Hansen Solubility Parameters

This video hits the highlights of the process.  The technical details are available upon request. 

I have a newfound respect for videographers.  This video is pretty rough in places, but I did not have the time nor desire to retake the rough scenes. I promise to provide a more detailed blog post in the future that focuses on the solvent blend optimizer.


Dr. Darren L. Williams (@pchem4all) is an Associate Professor of Physical Chemistry at Sam Houston State University. When he is not blending solvents, he is tinkering with contact angle measurements, FTIR microspectroscopy, etc. . He welcomes your comments and questions by phone (936-294-1529) and by email (williams “at”

2 thoughts on “Custom Solvent Blending Using the Hansen Solubility Parameters

  1. Nice A/V skills. I did a time lapse movie of an 8 hour experiment at work and sync’d it with an excel chart with a moving time indicator from within powerpoint. It was not easy but super cool and impressed a bunch of the corporate guys.

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