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Custom Solvent Blending Using the Hansen Solubility Parameters

I wanted to restore an old metal table that has been sitting outside for more than 30 years. The top is discolored and rusty.  This is a perfect chance to teach the principles of solvent blending using the Hansen Solubility Parameters

This video hits the highlights of the process.  The technical details are available upon request. 

I have a newfound respect for videographers.  This video is pretty rough in places, but I did not have the time nor desire to retake the rough scenes. I promise to provide a more detailed blog post in the future that focuses on the solvent blend optimizer.



Dr. Darren L. Williams (pchem4u) is an Associate Professor of Physical Chemistry at Sam Houston State University. When he is not blending solvents, he is tinkering with contact angle measurements, FTIR microspectroscopy, etc. . He welcomes your comments and questions by phone (936-294-1529) and by email (williams “at”

2 thoughts on “Custom Solvent Blending Using the Hansen Solubility Parameters

  1. Nice A/V skills. I did a time lapse movie of an 8 hour experiment at work and sync’d it with an excel chart with a moving time indicator from within powerpoint. It was not easy but super cool and impressed a bunch of the corporate guys.

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